Water and Your Tan

Water and your spray tan, a quick guide to a lasting tan

If you’ve ever gotten a spray tan before, you know that water is enemy #1 until your tan sets! Though it’s true that you need to stay dry while your tan sets, many people have a lot of misconceptions about the relationship between water and their spray tans. Here’s what you need to know…

Stay away from water until your tan sets. If you’ve got one of our organic botanical blends we recommend waiting 10 hours until your shower or the next day. In a hurry? Upgrade to our Rapid Tan solution and you can shower within 4-6 hours. Water can cause spotting, streaking and unevenness if your tan as not set properly.

Keep it warm! When it’s time to shower, opt for a short, warm shower using a mild shower gel or soap. Stay away from soaps and lotions with mineral oil and parabens because it will breakdown your tan. Mineral oil is also known as paraffinium, petrolatum and petroleum. Stay clear of perservatives such as methylparaben or parabens of any kind. This will dry out your tan and cause that skin mapping and scaly look! To extend the life of your tan, skip harsh washcloths and loofas and remember to moisturize twice daily.

Use caution around chlorine and salt water. Getting a spray tan for your big vacation is great! But, if you want your tan to last all week, try to limit your exposure to salt water and chlorine as those elements can start to break down your tan prematurely. It’s OK to have fun on your trip so don’t be afraid of water, just make sure that you’re moisturizing with a sunscreen or lotion before getting in the water. This creates a barrier between your skin and the water! And of course, make sure to reapply after you emerge from the water!

Drink lots of it Drinking lots of water also helps the longevity of your tan! The more hydrated you are, the longer it last and more evenly it fades! This is a great tip whether you’ve had a spray tan or not! Good skin starts from within so if you really want to glow, make sure you are well hydrated.