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Summer destination: North Carolina among top 2017 beaches

The verdict is out and a popular Outer Banks beach destination has been named one of the top beaches of 2017. Dr. Beach, one of the most respected beach reviewers since 1991, has named Ocracoke, NC, one of the best beaches to visit this summer.

To have a North Carolina beach in the top 3 is the ultimate honor. Ocracoke has has been described as enchanting, historic and magical, so it comes as no surprise that one of our great coastal cities would make the cut!

Whether you’re adventurous enough to make the 7+ hour trip to Ocracoke or you’d rather stick to one of our beautiful lakes right here in Charlotte, it’s time to put on your cute new bikini and hit the sand with a margarita! Don’t forget to glow before you go so you can avoid all of the risks from harmful UV rays. Our natural, organic blends will give you a healthy glow so you are free to hit the beaches looking good and feeling great this year!