Spray Tanning and Your Tattoos

For those of us who have tattoos, we know they come with their own set of rules when to comes to protection and preservation. Fortunately, one of our organic spray tans will not affect your tattoo.

Unlike tanning beds or outdoor tanning, a spray tan won’t discolor or fade your ink. A spray tan only affects your outermost layer of skin and a tattoo goes a little deeper than that. Harmful UV rays can penetrate your skin causing damage and fading to your tattoos which is why sunscreen is always recommended.

If you have a tattoo with lighter colors and you are concerned about temporary fading because of your spray tan, we can put a light coat of barrier cream over your tattoo. If your tattoo is new, we do recommend waiting a few weeks before scheduling your spray tan appointment.

Remember, our organic botanical blends are made from the finest ingredients that will leave your skin looking hydrated and soft. Have more questions about your tattoos? Send us a message today!