Non-Toxic Holiday Guide

A Non-Toxic Holiday Guide

nother holiday season is underway and while it is one of the most wonderful times of the year, it’s also a time when we (unknowingly) expose ourselves to many unnecessary toxins. As you prepare your home for all of the upcoming festivities, check out our non-toxic holiday guide that will help keep you safe this season.

1. Give safe toys. When it comes to gift giving for the little ones, it’s important to read the labels! Some toys, especially those made from plastic, may contain harmful amounts of lead, cadmium and phthalates. These ingredients have proven to have harmful long-term effects and children are more susceptible to toxins than adults. Look for eco-friendly toys that are fun for the kids & great for the environment!

2. Stick to natural trees. Christmas trees are great, especially when they are natural! Generally, real trees are safer than their artificial alternatives. However, if you choose to go with an artificial tree, look for ones labeled PVC (polyvinyl chloride) FREE. Check out this list of PVC free manufacturers to help find a brand that works for you.

3. Stick to safe scents. ’Tis the season for inviting homes that smell like warm apple pie! Scents are great when they are natural but use caution with common candles as many contain harmful toxins. A lot of candles are made from artificial scents and dyes which release additional chemicals when burned. Stick to candles made from beeswax that are safe and have an added benefit of helping to keep your indoor air clean.

4. Use non-toxic household cleaners! We’re all eager to have our homes looking their best for holiday guests this season! Remember to use products labeled non-toxic or do some research and make your own natural products. Don’t forget when you are washing the guest room sheets that some laundry detergents & dryer sheets contain harmful chemicals that produce a “clean” smell that isn’t really safe at all.

5. Stay organic. When it comes to preparing a holiday feast, stick to organic foods to eliminate your risk of being exposed to harmful chemicals and pesticides in food. Did you know they even make organic wine? Try some today!