Natural Detox

3 ways to naturally detox your body

The new year is well underway and many of us made a resolution to be healthier this year. Weight loss, getting more exercise and eating better are always among the top resolutions each year…did they make your list? If so, to help you reach your goals, we’ve put together a list of natural ways to detox that will get your 2017 off to a healthy start without dangerous supplements or additives.

1. Drink more water. If there’s one simple thing that can naturally help detox your body, it’s water! Drinking more water can help flush out your system and make improvements in your skin, digestive system and overall health. Keep in mind the recommended amount of daily water intake is 8 glasses and you’ll want to add more to really detox. Add a slice of fresh fruit to your water if you are looking for a little flavor…lemons and limes work great!

2. Switch to tea. The benefits of green tea significantly outweigh those of coffee. We should all monitor our daily caffeine intake especially when trying to detox. Aside from the caffeine content, green tea contains a variety of natural antioxidants that our body needs to thrive. Switch up your morning routine and do your body a favor!

3. Exercise more. We all know the proven benefits of exercise so we won’t waste any time explaining those but, did you know that getting your sweat on a few times a week can really help your body detox? Exercise sheds fat, burns calories and rids your body of built up toxins through our sweat.

There are a lot of ways you can naturally detox your body. Want to know more? Just ask!