Five Ways You Can Start Living a Non-Toxic Lifestyle Today!

At Bontanical Tans, it is our passion to educate clients on the harmful effects of tanning beds, outdoor tanning and furthermore, the harmful ingredients found in majority of our body care and food products today. But, in a world full of processed food and chemical additives, it can be a bit overwhelming to even know where to start. So, to help you out, we’ve put together a list of 5 things you can do right now to start living a non-toxic life!

  1. Switch from plastic to glass. Glass is generally better (and safer) than plastic. Unless plastic is BPA free, it can leak toxins into your food or water when used as storage. Using glass over plastic also helps reduce waste at your local landfill- double bonus!
  2. Use non-toxic beauty & personal care items. This is HUGE! Clean out your makeup bag and do your research. Look for products that contain natural, organic ingredients because toxins are the last thing your skin needs! We recommend brands like True Botanicals and Small Keys for our local CLT friends.
  3. Add some green to your home. House plants act as natural air purifiers filtering toxins such as formaldehyde making your air cleaner. Start with a Spider Plant if you don’t have a green thumb because they are generally low maintenance.
  4. Go organic. Remember, good skin starts from within and the same is true for your overall health. Check out a local farmers market and look for foods that are grown without fertilizers and chemical pesticides.
  5. Get a healthy glow! Skip the at-home bronzing kits and harmful UV rays and stick to our botanical, organic tanning solutions. Our formulas don’t contain any chemical preservatives, parabens, glycols, ureas, phthalates, or chemical dyes and they are fragrance free so there’s no guessing what’s on your skin.